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Raise Your Vibration With The Power of Mantras

The healing power of a mantra is sometimes inexplicable but always quite magical. Having been observed and celebrated since ancient times, the art of meditation and the practice of mantras is still going strong to this day. If you ever find yourself feeling out of balance, detached from spiritual connection, unmotivated and uninspired, engaging in mantra meditation can help you to experience release, revival and rejuvenation. Now's the time to level up your life, and raise your vibration with the power of mantras and meditation!


What is a mantra?

 A mantra is a meditative chant that awakens the mind, body and soul when repeatedly recited. Reciting a mantra with sacred sound is said to invigorate and activate the chakras, therefore releasing energy and emotional blockages to promote healing from head to toe. Studies have shown that freeing your mind and focusing on sacred sound can have positive neurological effects. Some assumed benefits of mantra meditation include mental clarity, calmness, less stress and heightened brain functions. Vibrations of the voice are believed to soothe the nervous system, nourish the endocrine system and recharge the immune system.


Wearing mantra jewelry 

You may at times find yourself stressed, overwhelmed and unable to focus, but the healing power of a mantra might just be the best kept secret cure to mental and physical fatigue. Thankfully there are some things you can do to stay focused and level-headed throughout the day when away from the yoga studio or your meditation sanctuary. One of those includes wearing mantra jewelry. Seeing your personal mantra in script form is a great way to remind you of its healing power.

Mantra jewelry also makes a thoughtful gift for a friend you share a deep bond with, your yoga instructor, energy healer or spiritual guide. Spoil yourself with something meaningful or give a gift that speaks for the unmistakable healing power of mantra meditation.


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