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The Healing Powers of the Flower of Life

The Healing Powers of the Flower of Life

Our universe is filled with beautiful patterns and designs that underlie the blueprint of existence and give us a glimpse into our connection to something greater than ourselves. One potent example of this pattern is the Flower of Life symbol.



What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is a unique geometric pattern made of 19 equal-sized overlapping circles that together form an intricate design similar to patterns found in nature. This form of sacred geometry comes from nature and is one of the many innate patterns of the universe that expresses its beauty throughout our world.

Leonardo da Vinci first popularized this symbol in his famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man that is believed to have been composed partially based on the Flower of Life symbol. But images of the Flower of Life date back to the Temple of Osiris in Egypt around 6000 years ago.


Vitruvian Man, Leonardo Da Vinci


The Flower of Life represents our deep interconnectedness with nature, the universe, and all that surrounds us. We are deeply connected to each other and our divine creator, whose energy arises in beautiful yet simple instances, such as in the intricate Flower of Life, and underlies the blueprint of all existence.


Seven Saints Flower of Life Necklace, 18k Gold Vermeil


How to Harness the Healing Power of the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is not only a beautiful symbol; it also has potent healing energy. To harness this energy in your own life, a simple and highly effective way to do this is to wear it as jewelry to serve as a conduit for the higher powers of the universe into your body. You can also harness its potency by meditating on this symbol daily.

This symbol is especially important for people who work as holistic healers or practitioners in the energetic fields. By wearing this symbol on your body, particularly as jewelry, you can shift your vibrations and influence the healing process for your clients as well.

Whether you work as a healer or not, this symbol’s potency can be a powerful catalyst for transformation and a reminder of the deep splendors of life. Discover our selection of beautiful Flower of Life jewelry to start harnessing its healing energies in your life today!


Flower of Life Abundant Blessings Necklace

Seven Saints Abundant Blessings Flower of Life Necklace, Chrysoprase

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