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The Seed of Life - A Symbol of the Divine Feminine

The Seed of Life - A Symbol of the Divine Feminine

The Seed of Life reflects the beautiful mysteries of creation. Like a seed in nature, it holds the blueprints for life and the potential for creation and growth - it is the cosmic womb from which all life emerges.

Although the Seed of Life is well-loved and well-known, not everyone knows about its connection to the Divine Feminine. As a symbol of creativity, abundance and fertility, it is tied to the life-giving qualities of the feminine principle.

But before we dive into that, let’s look a little closer at the Seed of Life and what it represents.


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What does the Seed of Life represent?

The Seed of Life is a sacred geometric symbol which consists of seven overlapping circles. Its earliest origins trace back to ancient Egypt, where it adorned the walls of the Osirian Temple in Abydo. Throughout history and across cultures, this symbol has represented the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Osiris temple

Osirian Temple, Abydo, Egypt


Now, let’s explore how the Seed of Life embodies the qualities associated with the Divine Feminine.


Symbolism of the Divine Feminine

divine feminine artwork


The Divine Feminine is the aspect of the Divine associated with fertility, creativity and the ability to create and nurture new life.



The symbolism of the Seed of Life is a visual manifestation of these divine qualities. The circular arrangement of the seed is a representation of the sacred womb of creation, where life begins and flourishes, whereas the overlapping circles within the Seed of Life represent the cycles associated with the feminine principle.


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Connecting with the Divine Feminine through the Seed of Life 

The Seed of Life is a powerful gateway to connect with the Divine Feminine energy. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your spiritual practice:

  • Jewelry, (whether necklaces, earrings, bracelets or malas) is a tangible way to remain connected to the Divine Feminine throughout the day when you wear the Seed of Life on your body. By setting intentions or blessing the jewelry before wearing it, you can amplify its power and invite these energies to infuse every aspect of your life.


  • Ritual Work that uses the Seed of Life as a focal point is a powerful way to connect to the feminine principle. This can be as simple as meditating on the symbol, visualizing it entering your energy field and imbuing you with its power.


  • Crystal Grids amplify the energies of your intentions. Place crystals aligned with the qualities of the Divine Feminine (such as rose quartz for compassion or moonstone for fertility) in a Seed of Life pattern to enhance your connection with these energies.


  • Draw or paint the Seed of Life as a way to channel the creative energies of the Divine Feminine. You can then meditate with the artwork as a visual focal point, and draw this energy closer to you.

 In a world where the Divine Feminine has often been marginalized or overlooked, it’s important to reconnect with this energy in order to restore balance and harmony in ourselves and the world around us, and wearing our Seed of Life jewelry is a potent and transformative way to do this.


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