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Ways To Stay Hopeful During Challenging Times

Ways To Stay Hopeful During Challenging Times

Now, more than ever, the world as a whole seems to be undergoing an energetic shift. This shift is creating challenges, stressors, and upheavals of underlying energies within society that no longer serve us. While conventional methods offer some relief to these circumstances, they don't always provide us with the empowerment and energetic increase that we truly need. There are many different tools that we can use in order to stay connected to our spirituality, maintain a sense of hope, and gain empowerment during tragic times. In this article, you'll learn the power of prayer and meditation, crystals, essential oils, mantras, and affirmations.


Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are two ways to stay connected to the divine and ask the universe for guidance and assistance. Prayer allows you to directly speak to the universe and express your intentions, fears, gratitude, etc. Meditation also connects you to the universe, but you can also use it to visualize relief and desired outcomes and focus on more positive solutions to your problems which helps manifest them within your life. These two tools are sometimes interchangeable, depending on your practice and beliefs.


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 Crystals are energetic capsules that can help bring specific energies into your life. They can also help remove unwanted energy, emotions, thoughts, and blockages. Keeping crystals in your space can help keep your frequency high, clear your mind from negativity, and keep you in an empowered state. Crystals such as rose quartz and green aventurine can help bring unconditional love and gratitude to your life when it's needed most. Other stones, such as amethyst, can help revitalize the body and mind, providing you with a fresh perspective on your current circumstances. Wearing them as jewelry, meditating with them, and carrying them with you throughout your day can provide you with an abundance of hope and healing.


Heart Chakra Bracelet

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Essential Oils

Essential oils have healing properties that can be more physical and emotional. Stress is a huge issue during times of turmoil, and essential oils such as lavender and rose are a great way to reduce stress. Other oils, such as neroli and frankincense, are great for calming emotions and cultivating a sense of balance within. There are many different essential oils, each containing its own unique properties and healing abilities.


Aromatherapy Spritzers

Our wildcrafted aromatherapy spritzers provide a nourishing pick-me-up.


Mantras and Affirmations

Throughout your day, using mantras and affirmations can help keep you in a calm, peaceful state of mind. Mantras and affirmations are short words or phrases that hold powerful messages that can help evoke certain energies from within. For example, suppose you're struggling to stay hopeful due to certain external circumstances. In that case, an affirmation such as "I remain hopeful even in the most uncertain of times" will help retrain your mind to remain strong and inspired.


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When times are tough, it's important to find tools that help alleviate the stress and anxiety that manifests from these situations. It's important to find balance and peace throughout the different challenges we face to maintain a sense of hope and feel the inspiration that life can offer us. Using the above tools can help you maintain your energy, stay connected to the divine, focus your mind on the positive, and help heal you both physically and emotionally. There's more support than what's been accepted conventionally. The universe has created an abundance of ways for you to find healing and happiness.


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