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Sri Yantra Supreme Manifestor Collection

The Sri Yantra Supreme Manifestor collection was handcrafted for ultimate manifestation. Discover how these beautiful pieces unlock your inner potential. Feel the Universal energy and get ready to experience what the world has to offer you.

Why this necklace isn’t an ordinary accessory?

  • Inspires you as a symbol of wealth and prosperity

  • Blends design and spirituality

  • Embodies the Sri Yantra Vedic symbol, representing the balance between the body and cosmos

Explore Your True Self

The Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry collection symbolizes self-growth and personal discovery. Our own holistic healer channels healing energy into each precious piece. This peaceful energy sets your mind at ease and creates the perfect environment to discover who you are.

Get The Absolute Most Out Of Life

This necklace pushes you to achieve your goals and strive for more. When times get dark, feel safe knowing that the Cosmos is always on your side. You deserve to want MORE out of life… Use this sacred talisman and you’ll find what you’re searching for.

Who is the Sri Yantra Collection For?

This timeless collection was created for any woman looking to explore their deeper sides. Those wanting to wake up every morning, feeling in tune with the world around them. Aside from it’s beautiful aesthetic, the Sri Yantra Sacred Geometry Necklace is more than just “jewelry”...

It’s a sacred talisman, handcrafted to guide you towards self-discovery and self-exploration.

The Seven Saints Promise

Our mission at Seven Saints is to create stunning jewelry that provides natural energy and lasts a lifetime. Embodying the principles of pure manifestation, our pieces can protect you from negativity and align you with Universal Abundance.

  • Plated with precious metals to prevent fading over time

  • Cleansed and blessed gemstones 

  • Designed to symbolize purity and self-realization 

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