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Cleansing Your Gemstone Jewelry

Whenever you make a jewelry purchase, you’re usually advised – maybe just in fine print – to take good care of your pieces. You’re usually advised not to wear them in the shower or to go swimming, and to remove them while sleeping or exercising.

But did you know that when it comes to gemstone jewelry items, how you take care of them energetically is just as important as the physical?

Gemstones, or crystals, need to be protected from energetic imbalances. They can register a wide range of vibrations, from electricity and magnetism, to strong emotions, thoughts, and sounds.

Usually, crystals can naturally rebalance their lattices over time, but there are certain cleansing techniques that can be used to speed up this process, and make sure that only positive energy is being radiated by the gemstones.

Cleansing with prayer and intention

New gemstone jewelry, as with the natural rocks themselves, should always be cleansed of all programming from previous environments or anyone who has handled the piece in the past.

 A good way to do this is simply to close your eyes, hold the piece in your hand and ask for the gemstones to be cleansed and cleared of all previous memories. Then, set an intention for the piece. Do you want it to bring more peace into your life? Do you want to attract a soulmate if you are working with a love stone? A clear intention from the start will greatly magnify the healing effects of the crystals.

Cleansing with sound

The resonant sound from a tuning fork, a singing bowl, or bell quickly vibrates the physical structure of gemstones, allowing them to shake off unwanted, heavy energies. Placing your pieces inside a Tibetan singing bowl while it is played, if you have access to one, can be a great way to use this technique.

Direct contact with the earth

Usually a piece of crystal or a tumbled stone can be buried in the earth or in clay to really enliven it, but obviously this may not be the best idea with your precious jewelry!

In these cases, even just laying the piece out on the grass or on the earth can be just as effective at rebalancing the energy of the crystals.

Cleansing with incense or sage

This is one of the most simple and well-known ways of cleansing rocks and gemstones, and can be applied just as easily to gemstone jewelry. This involves wafting the piece of jewelry through the smoke of burning incense or sage, while holding the intention for them to be cleaned and filled with positivity and light.

Sandlewood, frankincense, juniper, and sage have long been considered the best purifying herbs, but intuitive experimentation with other herbs to find what works best for each gemstone piece can also be very helpful.

Cleansing with the light of the moon

Placing your gemstone jewelry pieces under the light of the moon, particularly the full moon can fill them with a radiant energy. Sunlight can also be effective as long as it is not too harsh, as this can cause fading to stones over time that may have been color treated.

It’s important to follow one’s intuition as to the most appropriate type of cleansing technique to use, and performing these on a regular basis rather than waiting for imbalances or negative energy to accumulate over time is preferable.

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