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The Power and Mystery of the Merkaba Star

The Power and Mystery of the Merkaba Star

Throughout history, one of the most mysterious spiritual symbols remains the Merkaba, Merkava, or Merkabah. This powerful symbol is a symbol found in sacred geometry that has a strong connection to the body and spirit.

But how can this symbol be used in your daily life, and what are the benefits of wearing this sacred symbol?


Shrouded in mystery, the word “Merkaba” is a Hebrew word often associated with the Star of David. The etymology of Merkaba contains three root words. Mer = light, Ka = spirit, and Ba = body. Merkaba also has roots in ancient Egypt, also meaning chariot. When these meanings are combined, they hint at the phenomenon of this sacred symbol. Even in the bible, Ezekiel states he sees a Merkaba, meaning chariot, signifying that the symbol has most certainly existed since the early days of known civilization.

What Does a Merkaba Star Do?

The Merkaba is a 3D star-like shape, similar to the Star of David, made up of tetrahedrons. It’s believed that these tetrahedrons, which are found throughout many sacred symbols and are believed to be the building blocks of reality, contain powerful energetic activators that can assist in astral or interdimensional travel.

 The Merkaba, often described as a chariot, is a light-body vehicle that can assist in experiencing an astral-projection or remote viewing-like experience. When you activate your Merkaba, your consciousness fully enters this light vehicle which you can then travel throughout space and time.

 Activating a Merkaba star isn’t an easy process, and it takes time and dedication to fully activate it and to continually exist in this activated energy. The star is a high-frequency state of being, and when you are inside of it, you have greater access to higher states of consciousness, ideas, beliefs, and abilities as not only a human being but a spiritual being as well.

 As humans, we have energy bodies that direct energy into and out of our physical bodies. The Merkaba acts as a generator and conduit to a fresh stream of energy, one that’s always been within reach, but only those who are aware of its existence have access to it.

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Wearing Merkaba Jewelry For Elevation

If you’re interested in working with the Merkaba star but aren’t sure how to start, there’s no better entry than wearing jewelry. The Merkaba star symbol contains the activation energy needed to be expressed throughout your life. All symbols contain power, and simply having them in your daily life is a great way to feel that power manifest.

 Wearing Merkaba star jewelry helps align your energy with a more empowered state. This symbol also helps you access higher states of consciousness and assists in your spiritual evolution. As you wear the Merkaba, you’re attuning your own energetic light body to the symbol’s frequency, helping you see through the illusions of reality, access other dimensional ideas and ways of thinking, and elevate into the best version of yourself.

Whether you’re new to spirituality, or someone who’s made a life-long practice for themselves, if you haven’t included the Merkaba in your practice, we strongly recommend you give it a try. Start by wearing a piece of beautiful Merkaba jewelry, then begin meditating on the symbol and watch as your way of thinking and understanding of the world begins to shift for the better.

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