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Heal Your Heart And Open to Unconditional Love With Rose Quartz

Heal Your Heart And Open to Unconditional Love With Rose Quartz


Did you know that every gemstone has a unique frequency that may help clear your mental and emotional confusion, balance your chakras, draw wealth into your life, improve your health, and even help you find unconditional love?

At the molecular level, everything on this planet is made of the same stuff. Even though your hand seems solid, it's actually a combination of energy particles vibrating together at a particular frequency. The issue is that our frequency fluctuates based on our emotions and moods. However, gemstones are Mother Nature’s perfect gift to serve as our anchor, as they constantly remain tuned on an extremely high vibration.



Wearing gemstones as jewelry is one of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate their healing powers into your life. You can wear gemstones and allow your aura to be guided by the energy you wish to tune in to for whatever you’re trying to achieve in your life at a particular moment. You may clear negative energy with healing stones, and draw in the life you desire.

Love is a topic often at the forefront of people’s minds, and the gemstone rose quartz is particularly beneficial for all matters of the heart and relationships – whether romantic or platonic.

Rose quartz is renowned for relieving people of emotional blockages brought on by trauma, wounds from current or previous lives, and blockages in the heart center. It’s also thought to improve sleep quality, trigger pleasant dreams, and offer emotional comfort and support in times of need.  With the help of this gemstone, you’ll be able to appreciate every part of yourself and feel your inner light activated once you wear it. Having a full cup then allows you to pour love and abundance onto others.


Seven Saints Heart Chakra Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelet


Known as the "Heart Stone" because of its strong connection to the heart chakra, this eye-catching stone is a very light pink hue. It enhances a sense of kindness, compassion, and self-love. Rose quartz is thought to heal abandonment wounds, and reenergize a healthy sense of self. With a foundation of self-love, we feel more empowered to express our authentic selves to those around us, are able to leave toxic patterns and relationships in the past, and feel hope and faith in our futures.


Seven Saints Evil Eye Necklace with Rose Quartz and Sapphire

Seven Saints Heart Healing Evil Eye Bracelet with Rose Quartz & Sapphire


As the planet Venus rules rose quartz, our high vibrational rose quartz jewelry is ideal for those who are ready to welcome more divine feminine energy into their lives. Allow love to reclaim your heart while noticing and embodying the beauty inherent in the Universe with the healing powers of rose quartz.

Seven Saints Rose Quartz Gemstone Necklace

Seven Saints Rose Quartz Attracting Love Adjustable Necklace


Seven Saints Rose Quartz Necklace


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