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The Healing Power of the Archangels

The Healing Power of the Archangels

Many believe that the spiritual realm is full of helpers that are constantly guiding us throughout life. No matter what situation one is in or where you are, you can call upon them at any time. There are seven well-known Archangels, however, here we're going to focus on five that have life-changing powers and healing that will transform you in ways you never knew were possible.


Archangel Michael

The protector and the prince chief of the Angels, the Archangel Michael is the leader of the guardians and God’s right-hand Angel. If you are ever in trouble or sense that you are in danger this Archangel will be right at your side with his sword.

 Archangel Michael can be called upon when you need strength. His cord-cutting powers will sever any negative ties that have attached themselves to you. He is represented by the color blue which invokes feelings of confidence, security and can bring calm to any situation. You can find the magic of Archangel Michael in the regal and protective crystal Lapis Lazuli.

Seven Saints Archangel Michael necklace

Archangel Michael Necklace, 18k Gold Vermeil and Lapis Lazuli


Archangel Gabriel

This celestial being is the messenger and the Angel of communication. The Archangel Gabriel governs everything to do with writing, speaking, singing, and the like. If you have trouble finding your voice and expressing your truth this Archangel is the one that you should call upon.

White is the color that is associated with the Archangel Gabriel. It is an empowering color that brings clarity and pure intentions. Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal to use in conjunction with Archangel Gabriel’s energy.

Archangel Gabriel Necklace Seven Saints

Archangel Gabriel Necklace, 18k Gold Vermeil, Clear Quartz


Archangel Chamuel

The Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love and peace. Be it romantic or platonic, this Angel will fill you with loving energy. Feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem will be washed away with his loving light. He can also help you to repair broken relationships.

 The color pink is connected with love and therefore the Archangel Chamuel. It carries the energy of the heart center and is known for its romantic frequency. Rose Quartz resonates with the healing and loving energy that Archangel Chamuel offers.

Seven Saints Archangel Chamuel Necklace

Archangel Chamuel Necklace, 18k Gold Vermeil, Rose Quartz


Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Raphael is the master healer. He is the Angel that will deliver great healing for those who ask for his services. If you are suffering from a physical or mental ailment Archangel Raphael will help to restore your vitality.

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