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The Manifestation Powers of the Sri Yantra

The Manifestation Powers of the Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a powerful symbol in Hindu and Tantric tradition that represents the union of the masculine and feminine principles and the manifestation of the Universe.

The symbol is made up of nine interconnected triangles, with four triangles pointing upwards, representing the masculine principle and five triangles pointing downwards, representing the feminine principle. The intersection of these triangles creates 43 smaller triangles, which form the bindu, or central point, representing the absolute reality and the source of all creation.

Wearing the Sri Yantra symbol as jewelry is an incredible way to bring balance, harmony, and prosperity into your life. It’s believed that the Sri Yantra has the power to purify the mind and body, and to help the wearer achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment.


The Sri Yantra


Using Sri Yantra jewelry as a tool for manifestation

If the manifestation of your desires is something you’re needing assistance with, the Sri Yantra is thought to be a powerful tool to help with this. It’s believed to align the wearer's energy with the energy of the Universe, making it easier to manifest one's goals.

The Sri Yantra is also associated with the Hindu goddess Tripura Sundari, also known as Shodashi or Lalita, who is considered the embodiment of the creative power of the Universe. Tripura Sundari is often depicted sitting or standing on a Sri Yantra, which is said to represent her control over the manifest world. By wearing jewelry with the Sri Yantra symbol, it’s thought that one is aligning themselves with the energy of Tripura Sundari, and thus receiving her blessings and protection.


Tripura Sundari


How to choose your Sri Yantra jewelry

When selecting Sri Yantra jewelry, it's important to choose the materials carefully. The symbol is believed to be most powerful when it is made from precious metals like gold or silver, as these metals are thought to conduct spiritual energy. Brass is also considered to be an auspicious metal.

Ensuring that the Sri Yantra has been crafted mindfully and proportionately crafted, with perfectly symmetrical triangles and lines is also important.


        Seven Saints Sri Yantra Necklace in 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver


Once you receive your Sri Yantra jewelry, it can be energized with mantras and meditation which will make the symbol even more powerful.

Discover today how wearing the Sri Yantra can be a powerful ally for spiritual growth and manifestation, and align yourself with the healing energies of the Universe to you bring balance, harmony, protection, and blessings!

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